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Live coverage of the anti-Gulf War march on Washington (part 4)

Published January 19, 1991

Continuation of live coverage of the anti-Gulf War demonstration in Washington, D.C., hosted by WBAI's Amy Goodman and Robert Knight. Goodman reads more of the day's news from the Middle East. Pamela Michaels from KPFA reports live from a San Francisco anti-war rally. Robert Knight reports that the rally site has been changed to the Washington Mall from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library. Dr. Michio Kaku, professor of nuclear physics at CUNY City College of New York, joins Knight in the studio and reports on activities at the rally. Co-produced by WBAI and WPFW. Michael Parenti, author of The Sword and the Dollar and Democracy for the Few, joins Goodman and Knight for an interview. Santiago Nieves reports live from the D.C. rally. Knight discusses the widely-ranging estimates of rally attendees being reported by different sources. Michael Moore, director of Roger & Me, speaks at Lafayette Park.

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